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Family Law

Family Law

People plan to get married, all the time, but divorce is usually a surprise. When relationships break down, this can cause a great deal of fear and uncertainty. This is the time when you need effective legal representation on your side.

If you are having legal issues regarding marriage, adoption, divorce or seeking custody of your children, we can help. We focus much of our practice on family law, so we can guide you through the challenges you face, no matter what they are. We can help to ensure that in the event of a divorce, your legal rights remain secure.

Our services in this area

  • Prenuptial Agreements
  • Divorce proceedings
  • Custody issues
  • Representation in Juvenile Court

If you are dealing with any of these legal issues, call 561-507-5772, Email: cf@lawyerfletcher.com, or contact us via or contact form.

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