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Benefits of U.S. Citizenship

United States Citizenship allows you to live and work freely in the United States. You are able to vote, get your U.S. Passport and travel, without fear of deportation. You also have priority if you are applying to bring family members to the United States. You will save on immigration fees when you become a U.S. citizen because you no longer have to renew your green card.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: You have to be a lawful permanent resident for five (5) years. If you are married to and living with a U.S. citizen spouse, you only have to be a lawful permanent resident for (3) years.

2. Do I need an attorney to apply for U.S. Citizenship?

A: You may apply without an attorney but there are certain advantages that you gain when you let an experienced immigration attorney help you with your application. You will meet with the attorney in a private consultation and the attorney will review your case thoroughly to see if you qualify. If you took any trips outside of the United States, or have any arrests or criminal records, the attorney will let you know if you are at risk for deportation if you apply for citizenship.

The attorney prepares your application, ensures that the right forms are filed, helps you with the naturalization test and go with you to the interview.

An attorney can help improve your chances of getting approved for U.S. citizenship.

​3. Is there a filing fee?

The current filing fee is $640 plus a fingerprint fee of $85 for a total of $725.

4. How long does the process take?

The processing times for citizenship applications vary and are updated each month. It is currently taking 6-9 months to get an interview.

5. How much do you charge for attorneys' fee?

We offer flat fee pricing and our rates start at $350 if you only want the application prepared. If you want us to take you through the entire process which includes preparing the application, helping you with the citizenship test and going with you to the interview, our fee starts at $999.

Who are we?

Attorney Cheryl Fletcher has successfully helped hundreds of immigrants obtain U.S. citizenship. Mrs. Fletcher is the managing attorney and CEO of Fletcher Law Office, P.A., an immigration law firm in West Palm Beach, FL.

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Anna Mcpherson

“I got my U.S. citizenship using this attorney!”

Anna Mcpherson
Former Client

Alicia T.

Cheryl and her team are exceptional in their service. They handled my case very well and looked out for my interest. Thank you!

Alicia T.
Former Client

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